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Hi, I'm Gavin Buchanan,
your local
Driving Instructor.

I'm here to help
you succeed!

I’ve been driving since I was 15. I've held my private pilot licence, forklift licence and driven all classes of truck licence (class 1-5 + Dangerous Goods) at a professional level. This picture was the day I decided to experience another very exciting mode of transport - parachute!


As a Driving Instructor coming from a Testing Officer background, I'll share my in depth knowledge of what’s expected during your test during your driving lesson.

I teach Defensive Driving courses and also provide Defensive Driving for Fleet and Business customers.

My goal is to help you succeed to learn to drive safely and to get your driver licence.


 Ready to go further?

I'll help you get there!

Changing from a Testing Officer to a Driving Instructor means I learnt a lot about why some people pass and some people didn’t in that 5 years.

One of the things I enjoy the most is helping others and seeing them fulfill their dreams. So watching people fail was not what I wanted to do, which is why I "changed my spots"!

As a Testing Officer, you're not allowed to intervene or give correction during a test, or it becomes a failed test. So you have to let the person make mistakes and let them fail.

As a Driving Instructor, I will give you corrective advice and show you the right way.

If we make a mistake, we can stop and discuss what went wrong and try again.

Gavin Buchanan
Driving Instructor
Thames Driver Training

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