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driving lessons

Learn to drive, locally right here in Paeroa. Paeroa is suitable for beginner lessons.

As Thames is the location for local driving tests for the area, we recommend advanced driving lessons in Thames to help you get used to higher traffic levels. Thames also has infrastructure not available to practice on in smaller towns like various types of intersections, roundabouts (including a multi lane roundabout at Kopu) and a merging lane which are all part of the practical driving test. 

Paeroa College Students
We work with students at all our local high schools including Paeroa College. Driving lessons are able to be commenced from and finished at Paeroa College to suit students. 


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Practice Tests
If you'd like to experience the test - or as real as it gets without doing it - book a practice test in Thames with our instructor Gavin Buchanan. Gavin was a Testing Officer in Thames and took over 10,000 tests. Gavin will help you pass the real test by pointing out and correcting any errors you may be making and are unaware of.

Senior Driving coaching
We offer senior driving coaching in Paeroa also. You can choose to drive your own car, or ours and Gavin will meet you at your own home, workplace or retirement village etc.

Defensive Driving Courses and assessments
We do Defensive Driving courses and assessments in Paeroa as well as Fleet and Business training.

Local Paeroa hazards
Want to feel more confident on a winding road like the Whangamata to Waihi or Whitianga, or the Kopu Hikuai Road, open road driving or driving on gravel roads?*. Gavin can cover these in your lesson.

Learn how to manage local conditions such as fog on the Hauraki Plains and black ice on the Kopu Hikuai road etc.

*We prefer you use your own car for any driving on gravel roads please. 

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