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practice test

Take the fear out for your restricted or full practical test!

I'll help you prepare for the real thing and help improve your chances of passing by taking you through a simulated practical test.

The difference is that we will discuss any critical or immediate fail errors you may make, so you can avoid these in the paid test. And we'll discuss any skills you need further practice with.

Remember, I was a Driving Testing Officer before I was an Driving Instructor, and did more than 10,000 tests, so my experience will really help you.


Why do a simulated practical driving test?

  • Puts you more at ease during the actual test, knowing more of what to expect

  • Picks up any errors that will cause you to fail

  • Increases your chances of passing

  • Saves money instead of doing the test several times due to failure

  • It's far nicer, and far cheaper, to pass your test first time!

A Simulated Practice Test with Thames Driver Training is the same fee as a driving lesson, $80 including GST for 60 minutes. It could save you a lot of test fees to get it right with us first!

A restricted practical test with Waka Kotahi costs over $130 to do with an average New Zealand pass rate of about 60%. Improve your chances of passing by booking a Practice Driving Test and make sure you're ready to pass your test!

Who should do a simulated practical test?

People who have reached the stage in their driving where they feel ready to do the test, or have already booked the test. Gavin may recommend a student has more lessons and does their test later, if he genuinely feels the student is not at a stage where they are ready for the test. 


The Restricted Practical test
The Restricted practical test is in 2 stages. Stage 1 is 10 minutes. This stage will indicate if you are able to do the more challenging driving tasks of Stage 2.


You are allowed 2 critical errors but only one may occur in Stage 1. One immediate fail error at any time in stage 1 or 2 also means your test will be terminated immediately. Find out how to avoid this.

See AA's "Getting your Restricted - How It Works Restricted Licence Test Guide"


The Full Licence Practical Test
The average pass rate in New Zealand is about 70%. If you make 2 critical errors or 1 immediate fail error at any time your test will be terminated immediately.

Even if you have been driving on your restricted licence a lot and feel like you're a good driver, booking a Simulated Driving Test will help prepare you for the test and improve your chances of passing.

See AA's Getting your Full - How It Works Full  Licence Test Guide

It's important to
bring your licence with you to every lesson, your practice test (and the real test!)s. Without your licence your lesson/test cannot proceed and the full cost of the lesson (or test) will still apply. 

Terms and Conditions

Using Your Car
Lessons in your own manual or automatic car are fine. In fact, it's good to have lessons in the car you will be driving and probably doing the test in. Your vehicle must registered, warranted etc. Insurance while you or your child is learning is your own responsibility. Please check with your own insurer to ensure you have the correct cover.

If paying by online banking, please make sure payment is in our account the day before the lesson. If paying by cash, please pay on the day at the start of your lesson. Lessons will only proceed once payment is received.

Please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation to avoid paying for missing the lesson

Running Late? 
Please text me on 027 268 6381 urgently to advise if you are running late. Your lesson may be shortened as lesson times are tightly scheduled.

Insurance using our car
The lesson includes the cost of insurance in the hourly fee. However, there is a $750 excess to be paid by the driver, in the event of an accident. I hold personal liability insurance for up to one million dollars. Thames Driver Training accepts no liability in the event of damage to your person, vehicle, property or third party.

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