covid 19 information

Updated 18.05.22

Orange Traffic Light level for Covid-19

Ministry of Health considers driving instruction as a high risk transmission activity, due to it being conducted within a confined space (less than 1 metre distancing) for a significant time period.


It also means masks are still mandatory while we are together in the car.

At orange level, My Vaccine passes are no longer required for either in car driving instruction or driving tests. Your driving Instructor is fully vacinnated for Covid 19 (double plus booster) and has an annual flu vaccination as well for your and our own protection. 

Senior Driving Coaching has now resumed.


If you do not have your mask or drivers licence with you at the beginning of our lesson, you will still be required to pay for your lesson, even though it can not go ahead.


As a result of Covid-19, we have introduced kaupapa (protocols) to help protect you and ourselves from any potential cross infection, prior to and during our lesson.  

We will continue with a high level of sanitation and hygiene in-car between each client, including not having lessons with unwell people for your continued safety and ours. 

Our instructor is fully vaccinated and wears a mask in-car with clients in both orange and red traffic levels. Masks are required to be worn by our clients also whether in our car, or your own car.   


Driving tests have now resumed, but there are longer waiting times NZ wide as driver testing continues to catch up delays from the first and now second lock down. 

We do offer practice driving tests which can be booked online with us, but for your actual test you need to book with NZTA/Waka Kotahi. Book your test with NZTA here (note vaccination requirements stated above)
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